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The Mother City team, led by the dynamic Peter Stoffer, will ensure that your guests look their very best and most glamorous thanks to our state of the art equipment, awesome props, lighting and extras.

We service everyone from your favourite ZAlebs to regular peeps like you or I. Our booths have had the privilege of entertaining guests at Cape Town’s top events; a wedding at the Twelve Apostles hotel, a matric dance at the One & Only, a 21st birthday party at the Waiting Room, a bar mitzvah at Newlands Cricket Stadium, a year-end fun day at Kenilworth Racecourse and a store opening at Canal Walk. And so the list goes on!

Guests simply grab some props, prep their poses and select “black & white” or “colour” on the touchscreen inside the booth. Three photos are taken and two 2 x 6 inch photo strips are printed within seconds. With two copies of each printed photo strip, guests can opt to place one of their strips, together with a personal message, in the guest book. Guests can view all of their strips online (this may be password protected) to download, print or share via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

If you’re interested in having a retro photo booth at your event in the Cape Town area; please explore our website or Facebook page for more info. If you’ve got any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us (via email or phone). Let’s get this party started!


060 783 4485

Our Retro Photo Booth offers a great means to provide mementos of all those important life and business events, including 21st or 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th birthday parties, year end functions, weddings and more. The Retro Photo Booth is also ideal for Matric farewells, Res (Koshuis) Dances and other University and College functions. All denizens of the Eikestad take heed: this is the ultimate way to give your party the edge!

Perfect for couple photos, (and thanks to a handy disappearing curtain), also great for capturing goofy group antics, a retro Photo Booth creates hours of entertainment and an infectious spirit of fun at any event.

Can you just see the girls from accounting getting up to no good, Cousin Sara pouting a lá Keira Knightley, or your Great Uncle Simon introducing the world to his signature “Champagne Face” bald pate bedecked with a funny wig?

Added good news is that there’s a screen inside the booth with user friendly touch screen buttons, which allows those playing ‘schmodel, schmodel’ or getting up to some silly shenanigans to preview their photos. If they’re not happy with the result, they simply shoot another frame. It’s that simple.

The take home black and white, or colour photo strips are perfect for pinning on the fridge (they’re bound to make friends giggle for months afterwards as they reach inside to grab the milk). There’s also an option to place one of the strips inside a customised photo book with a personal message at a wedding do or special birthday event or anniversary celebration.

Peter Stoffer and his team deliver excellent service to one and all.